Sales, Licensing & Copyright
Sales and Licensing
High resolution, individual or multiple images available on this or other Light and Motion social media sites, can be purchased for personal use, group or licensing purposes. To do so, please contact me via the 'contact tab' at the link above. 

Copyright © of all photographs on Light and Motion Photography website (unless otherwise stated) remains the property of the image creator. Norrie Mailer asserts the legal and moral right to be identified as the creator and originator of these images. 
Under International Copyright Law, it is illegal to use or download any images contained in these web pages for personal use, personal reproduction or commercial use in any format, without the prior written consent from Light and Motion Photography, Norrie Mailer. 
I appreciate and welcome individuals and groups that may want to use any of the photographs available for personal profiles, social media profiles or group displays. Generally, I am happy for this to happen. As these photographs take time and effort to create, collate and display, kindly reciprocate a similar courtesy, seeking permission to use images for that purpose before doing so.